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This series of design from Italy design, using jet mixing ice crack and 3D mold design, to create a different technical level of products, while the series is unique to the SELAMTILES design..

Design Service

1.For those who buy ST.SELMA and SELMATILES porcelain tiles used for engineering projects, ST.SELMA and SELMATILES will provide corresponding design solutions for reference.
2.For our glazed tiles used for home decoration, you can find proper design materials or ready-made prototype room on ST.SELMA and SELMATILES website.
3. The dealers of ST.SELMA and SELMATILES porcelain wall and floor tiles in other cities or countries need to decorate the exhibition hall afresh to display our new products. ST.SELMA and SELMATILES can offer design solutions for decoration.


As for the engineering projects that need a large number of tiles and have special requirements for sizes and surface effects, ST.SELMA and SELMATILES can offer customized service.
For ordinary tiles, after receiving customers design drawing or real object, we will deliver sample to customer for affirmation within 7-10 days.
When receiving customers affirmation, we will carry out production within 60 days. During production, we will implement final test to service pieces of samples in advance and send them to the customer for affirmation. We can not execute mass production until we receive the affirmation from customer.
During the course of production, ST.SELMA and SELMATILES quality control department will control product quality on site. In addition, it is greatly welcomed if customer appoints QC to do site instruction.


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