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Selma Ceramics” tiles are more of

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Our View And Vision

Selmatiles is the forerunner of technology and the flagman of classic and fashionable life. Excellent products imply unremitting efforts and investment in the research and development of new materials, and the unremitting choice of the best materials and leading technical equipment. Selma ceramics has become the wind vane and pilot ceramic products in the ceramic industry. "Selmatiles" is a design brand of Sino US joint venture, with its headquarters in Chicago, USA. Adhere to the business philosophy of introducing the most advanced American products into the Chinese and international markets. Selma tiles dedicates the excellent design culture of the United States to Chinese consumers and customers around the world. "Selmatiles" brand ceramic tile is more artistic and fashionable, so that customers can enjoy the latest trend at any time and walk in the forefront of fashion. Selma ceramics is also famous in the world for its classical fashion and natural leisure lifestyle, and is favored by world famous architects and high-end consumers. At present, Selma ceramics has three large production bases in China. All base products are designed by Chicago headquarters according to the same quality standard. The products of China base meet ISO international standards and European standards. In 2020, we began to increase the design and production of home furnishings, at the same time, we also introduced the development trend of the overall home furnishing concept, so that every customer can feel our selmatiles service for you.


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