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Selma Ceramics is a specialist in design, development, production, and sales of glazed porcelain tiles and hi-ker porcelain tiles and white color ceramic tiles. Selma Ceramics was founded in 2009 in joint venture with Famous large factory.


Selma Ceramics, a pioneer of technology and a standard bearer of classic and fashionable life, where excellent products predicate on unremitting efforts and investment in the R&D of new materials and persistent selection of the best materials and leading technologies and equipment, has become the vane of the ceramic tile industry and the pilot of the ceramic tile product.

Why Selmatiles?

Keeping to the business concept of introducing the best and latest modern style products into Chinese and international market, Selmatiles is devoted to fully reflecting the genius in product design, product culture and product demonstration as well as the Selmatiles management mechanism, and bringing the original, unique, high quality and classical “Selmatiles” ceramic tiles and the superb glazed porcelain tile culture to China and its consumers. The value of “Selmatiles” is reflected in the perfect combination of world-known brand, leading technology and design with its classic and fashionable product series and elaborate quality assurance and consummate service system.

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